Durham Freeway Widening

Bryant Industrial setting the temporary traffic bridge on the Durham Freeway widening project.

Duke University - Analyn

Bryant’s crane and crew setting three 35,000 lbs. generators at Duke University Analyn Generator hub.

Duke University - Chiller

Bryant’s 550 setting a 130,000 lbs. chiller at Duke University’s new chiller plant. Once the chiller was landed, there was less than one foot on all sides to move the unit into it’s final location.

Smoke Stack

Bryant’s 550 turning a 160,000 lbs. smoke stack.

Air Conditioning

Installing a 15 section Air Conditioning System at UNC Rex Hospital.

Abrams Tank

Off-loading Abrams Tank at Ft. Bragg.

Duke Hospital - MRI

Bryant placing a 16,000 lbs. MRI on the second floor at Duke Hospital.

Cooling Tower

Changing out a cooling tower at The American Tobacco Campus in Durham.

Propane Tank

Loading a propane tank in Graham, NC.

Rooftop Unit Swap

Changing out roof top units in downtown Richmond, VA.

Bridge Beams

Setting bridge beams on I-95.